Web 2.0

"Students are reaching literally global audiences online. Why would they be motivated to write an essay for only one person?" - Dawn Hogue; teacher, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

www.43things.com - a social networking web site that is built on the principles of tagging, rather than creating explicit interpersonal links. Users create accounts and then list a number of goals or hopes; these goals are parsed by a lexer and connected to other people's goals that are constructed with similar words or ideas. This concept is also known as folksonomy.

http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FWE/is_2_10/ai_n16133338/ - Steven Abrams

http://tametheweb.com/sljlearning20/ - Participants will spend the next 6 weeks exploring 12 Things:

Definitions came from Wikipedia.com